Reviews for Successful Report and Proposal Writing

Very detailed course

The course has split modules which made it easy for me to focus on one section at a time, going back to it later when I needed to. I liked the interactive side of the course - allowing me to relate it to current work that I have been doing. I enjoyed the 'tips' sections throughout the course which helped to round up what the page/module was referring to. It took more time than the hour suggested, however I guess this can vary per person. Overall it is a really informative course and it helped expand my skills further.

Hazel Pritchard 02/06/2018
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Good to dip in and out and come back to again

This is a helpful, easy to understand course. I couldn't get through it all in one go, so it was great that it was split into 'modules' which let me come back and pick up where I left off. I liked the interactive questions, which really got me to think about what I was doing - this was a really helpful way of going back to the basics of good writing, and then taking my skills that bit further. Good value for money, and I would do more.

Rebecca Bush 01/06/2018
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Overall rating: Back to course