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Successful Communication Skills

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This course is worth 2 CPD points.


Based on Improve Your Communication Skills by Alan Barker (now in its 4th edition), this short course is your practical guide to effective verbal, non-verbal and written communication in business.

Full of proven tips and techniques, and practical exercises, it will help you keep the interest of a large audience, impress a potential employer or simply win the argument at an important meeting.

Better communication skills can have a direct impact on your career development.

This course provides vital learning on improving your conversations, building rapport with colleagues, learning skills of persuasion, giving effective presentations, writing effective emails, letters and reports, and networking successfully.

Learning topics also include communicating across borders and virtual teams, influencing others subtly and managing difficult conversations.

With the help of this course, you will be able to achieve verbal, vocal and visual success - getting your message across every time.

Once you have bought this course you will be able to receive 25% off the book Improve Your Communication Skills to support your online learning.

£30.00 per person
Prices include UK VAT at 20%

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